Frustration In Time Travel (2012)

Frustration In Time Travel

It Swell

Heart Hard

Repeat We Are



Cooped Up


Rockstar & A Holy Man

Howl You

Half The Code



Fruit stands in summer with cardboard signs tear me to shreds
with little kids smiling secrets of how I should let this all go
fruit stands upset me because the fuel they flaunt you can't put in a lockbox and laugh
and they get all your attention and you make love to them under the sand

I howl you, I howl you

At the end of the song I'm gonna ask you to leave me alone
but for now let's pretend I'm the blueberry that you took home
it requires your ultimate focus to be what has died
and you won't go to heaven for fighting it through just to say that you trashed love and tried

so I howl you, I howl you

With all this pretending I know you're an angel of doubt
and no man is ever gonna complete what you can't figure out
you gotta get out on your own now and see this big planet you made
you were cut in the beginning in the original cosmic cascade

The drizzle was insult to injuries we both sustained
your expressionless fronts as you backed down the stairs to your trains
it's all make-believe you're torn up inside and I feel you
crying from here where I lay in the dark
like a waste of the touch of love
on two hearts that held back

so I howl you, I howl you



from Frustration in Time Travel, released 2012
Featuring: Jeff Taylor, Elizabeth Ziman, Cole Whittle, Mark Guiliana, Rob Hecht, Zac Colwell, and Steve Wall

Written by Jeff Taylor, Genie Land Music (BMI)

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