Jeff Taylor is a singer-songwriter based in New York, NY. His first album, "Frustration In Time Travel" was released in 2012 under the band name, Dumpster Hunter. This was followed by the EP, "Organelle" in 2014 as Jeff Taylor. Jeff has toured and recorded with the likes of Sara Bareillies, Trixie Whitley, and Kishi Bashi.

Current projects have seen Jeff working with the Donny McCaslin Group (David Bowie's Blackstar band), Mark Guiliana's Beat Music, Marike van Dijk's Stereogrpahy Project and the Creative Ensemble Collective, as well as working on his upcoming first solo album.

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"Jeff Taylor’s rangy, phantasmagoric baritone proves the best of the male lead vocals, as evidenced by the cryptic “Tiny Kingdom” and the frantic “Tempest.” On both, he brings a theatrical spark that manages to steer clear of callowness."  John Murph, Downbeat

"Jeff Taylor evokes the other-worldly, inter-planetary feel of Bowie’s “A Small Plot of Land [1995].” Stripped of any heavy-handed imitation, the likeness is uncanny and surprisingly touching; it’s as if Taylor submerged his own ego to meld into the residue of Bowie’s deeply departed spirit."- Carol Banks Weber, Festival Peak

"Jeff Taylor's Organelle EP is huge departure from the often frenetic sound he had been making under Dumpster Hunter – it's intimate, sullen, and even more richly layered." Brittany Spanos, The Village Voice



Jeff Taylor & The Stereography Project - "Paper Thin", recorded live for VPRO Vrije Geluiden on 5/7/17


Mark Guiliana's Beat Music feat Jeff Taylor, recorded at Rockwood Music Hall stage 2 on 3/27/15

Dumpster Hunter - "Heart Hard" (official music video) directed by


Donny McCaslin Group feat. Jeff Taylor - David Bowie's "A Small Plot Of Land", recorded at (le) Poisson Rouge on 1/6/17 as part of NYC Winter Jazzfest




Jeff Taylor - "Organelle" (EP - 2014)








Dumpster Hunter - "Frustration In Time Travel" (2012)







  • 2018 [Worldwide] Writing, recording, and touring with Donny McCaslin (David Bowie's 'Blackstar') for his new album, "Blow"

  • 2017 - 2018 [US and Netherlands] Collaborated with Dutch composer Marike van Dijk for her Stereography Project, arranging 5 of Jeff’s songs to be played with a 12-piece ensemble. The album was released in April 2018 on Hert Records.

  • Summer 2017 [US] Released a split 7" single with Sean Kiely, "Willow, Echo" 

  • Summer 2016 [US] Recorded a cover of David Bowie's "A Small Plot of Land," for Donny McCaslin Group's 'Beyond Now' LP. The record is a musical tribute to the artistic legacy of Bowie. McCaslin's group, Donny McCaslin (tenor sax) Mark Guiliana (drums), Tim LeFebvre (bass), Jason Lindner (keyboards) collaborated with Bowie on his final record, 'Blackstar'

  • Spring 2015 [US] Composed original music for 'Fu-Go', an episode of WNYC/NPR's 2-time Peabody Award winning program, Radiolab

  • Spring 2014 [US] Released debut solo EP, 'Organelle,' a limited release of 10" 45rpm vinyl. Produced by and featuring Thomas Bartlett, featuring CJ Camerieri and David Heilman

  • Fall 2013 [US] Under direction of James Darrah and maestro Esa Pekka Salonen, acted and sang with Los Angeles Philharmonic & Master Chorale as 'Larry the Dwarf,' in Frank Zappa's 200 Motels. This was a one-night-only, sold out event at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles

  • Fall 2013 [US] Toured as member of Fancy Colors in support of Kishi Bashi ('151a', 'Lighght')

  • Winter 2012-2013 [NL, BE, DE, DK, AT] Solo sets supporting and joining Trixie Whitley

  • Winter 2012 [BE] Solo sets supporting Gabriel Rios ('Dangerous Return' tour)

  • Fall 2012 [US] Released LP 'Frustration In Time Travel,' as Dumpster Hunter. Featuring Mark Guiliana, Cole Whittle, Steve Wall

  • Spring 2011 [FR] Toured as member of Mark Guiliana's Beat Music (feat. Tim Lefebvre, Jason Lindner)

  • Spring 2011 [US] Toured as member of Elizabeth & The Catapult, supporting Sara Bareilles ('Kaleidoscope Heart' tour)

  • Spring 2010 [US] With pianist and composer Jason Lindner, co-wrote songs for 'Jason Lindner's Breeding Ground', a commissioned,12-piece wind and string ensemble featuring Mark Guiliana and Panagiotis Andreou



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